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Monali has fought with the body!


Indian singer Monali Tagore. She is the leading singer of Bollywood-Tollywood at the moment. Monali has started fighting to turn around anew. This is known from his Instagram sources.

Monali posted a video of Jim on her Instagram. He was seen lifting weights. In the caption, the singer writes, ‘Health and strength, without any excuse. I am thrilled to finally regain my health and strength. My body has started to change, but slowly the body is listening to me. There is no work out for two years and the fight is going on with the body. Finally the light of hope. ‘

Her fans have stumbled upon the Monali post. Like, comments flooded the post. Netizens have welcomed Monali’s workout quite well. That is the idea from the comments.

Meanwhile, the singer has lost her father in a few months. After hearing the news of his father’s death, he returned to India from Switzerland. Monali Tagore had a difficult time at that time. Monali is sweating in the gym to reduce stress and keep herself fit. Occasionally he was seen dancing salsa.