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Laws are passed in the UK to control the dominance of Google-Facebook


Google and Facebook have been accused of abusing power by unilaterally dominating the net world. In such a situation, the United Kingdom is issuing new laws to reduce their dominance. Which will be effective in the country from next year. 

According to the country’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), online advertising spent 16.7 billion in 2019. Of these, CMA wanted information on 80 percent advertising expenditure. 

The new law will benefit small businesses on the one hand and give consumers more control over personal information on the other. At the same time, it will be ensured that the big competitors do not put pressure on the media. 

Meanwhile, the UK and other countries have agreed on the dominance of a small number of technology companies to slow down the growth of the digital sector, slow down innovation, and have a negative impact on their dependents and businesses. With that in mind, it’s time to declare the new era of evolving technology free, said Oliver Dowden, the country’s digital secretary. 

Under the new law, in areas where digital advertising is financed, companies will have to provide information on how their services are being provided and how companies are using customer information.

As a result, companies will start to think about what kind of ads customers will receive. And if not, what will happen to his alternative advertising. And companies should also refrain from imposing restrictions on customers. 

The new law will be enforced by the Competition and Markets Authority. The unit will be empowered to suspend, block, reverse the decisions of technology-based companies and impose financial penalties for violating the law. 

However, Google and Facebook have long said they are committed to working with CM, the British government and digital advertising policymaker.