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How to give CPR to heart attack


Cardiac arrest reduces heart rate and blood flow. As a result, the person becomes unconscious within 15 seconds. Within 30-60 seconds, the patient stops breathing. As a result, the brain is damaged due to lack of oxygen and death occurs. CPR helps a person maintain blood circulation and respiration.

Anyone with an idea about CPR can apply CPR. When someone becomes unconscious, they have to shout and ask for someone else’s help. If there are two, things can be done easily.

How to apply CPR
1. First take a look at the condition of the affected person’s surroundings. If the infected person is in a dangerous environment, remove it. Such as removing electrical wires or anything toxic in the vicinity.

2. Then you have to see if the affected person has knowledge. If he has knowledge, he should lie down on his back normally. So that he can breathe slowly.

3. If there is no knowledge, the way of breathing, such as the inside of the nose, mouth and throat, should be seen to be clean. Pull his head back, lift his chin upwards and open the trachea. If phlegm-blood or anything else gets stuck in the trachea, it should be removed to make way for breathing and CPR should be started.

4. The person should come to one side and sit along the chest and place the palm of one hand along the middle of the chest and a little to the left. Place the other hand on it and grasp the lower hand with the finger of the upper hand. Press the chest directly without bending the elbows.

5. Apply pressure at a rate of 100-120 pressures per minute. In this way, after applying every 30 pressures, the face of the victim should be blown twice. This is called rescue breath. Apply pressure in such a way that the ribs of the chest fall down 2 to 2.5 inches. So that the pressure falls on the heart.

. CPR should be continued in the same way until you reach the hospital or until you regain consciousness or resume normal breathing.

. When he regains consciousness or starts breathing, he should lie down on one side. After that he has to be taken to the hospital for further treatment.

If someone does this simple task, maybe someone can survive. You can also search on YouTube by typing CPR. You can learn the job by watching the video.