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Deepika changed her name!


Was ‘Deepika Padukone’, became ‘Tara’. This has been seen on the Twitter of popular Bollywood actress Deepika. So did the heroine change her name? This question is on the minds of netizens.

The thing is – the movie ‘Tamasha’ starring Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor was released on this day in 2015 (November 26). Through this movie, ‘Tara’ and ‘Veda’ were seen in Karsika. Five years later, Deepika recalled the film directed by Imtiaz Ali. The Bollywood beauty has changed the name of her ID on Twitter to reminisce.

The movie sparked a lot of discussion after its release. The movie, which was made at a cost of Rs 6 crore, had a box office income of around Rs 136 crore. Ranbir received rave reviews for his role as ‘Veda’ in the movie. The storytelling style of the movie, the construction technique and the use of the song – all together the audience got a complete package. The songs of this movie were impeccable to the tune of AR Rahman. The audience was amused by the movie songs. Especially the song ‘Agar Tum Saath Ho’ is still very popular today.

Not only Deepika, but also her fans are celebrating the fifth anniversary of ‘Tamasha’ on social media. Ran-Deep fans are posting ‘# Five Years of Joke’. As a result, Deepika-Ranbir and ‘joke’ have been in discussion since Friday (November 26) morning.